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Month: March 2022

How Broadband Drastically Changed Rural UK

Digitalization has redefined the way people live and interact with others. Modern people prefer emails over letters; they receive news not from the newspapers but from the internet. For som...

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Starlink price increase – Surprising Satellite News

Starlink Price Increase Alert!It looks like the current economy is going to hit Starlink internet users. Badly. Starting in May the monthly price in the US will go up by $11 and the hardw...

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OneWeb deal with SpaceX

OneWeb, satellite broadband provider owned partly by the British government, announced a surprising move to launch a number of its satellites with SpaceX rockets. Just a reminder, SpaceX oper...

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Guide to Buy Hardware for Internet Services

Gone are those days when getting internet services was difficult. Steady internet connectivity needs proper hardware. Nowadays, such devices are available in the market. All you need is to buy the ri...

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