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5 Tips on How to Improve Broadband Speed

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced the human race to the New Normal. Most people are working from home for the last 2 years to break the chain of the virus. This Work from home or WFH culture has become an integral part of the new normal and everyone knows that it is going to stay here. Such dependency on the online mode has increased the demand for internet connectivity. People belonging to rural areas settle in town for work. These people have returned to their native places due to the pandemic and need satellite internet providers for rural areas. Under such circumstances, only having an internet connection is not enough; the speed of the internet connection must be fast. This blog has discussed some effective tips in improving the speed of broadband internet connectivity.  

Tips on Improving the Broadband Speed 

Place the router properly 

If you want your router to get a better signal, you must keep the router at the right place. Often misplacement of the router slows down the speed of the broadband connection. To avoid such issues, you can try the following tricks: 

  • Pick a central location 
  • Posit the router high up with no obstacles around it 
  • Never place your router in a cupboard or a drawer 
  • Do not try to camouflage it with picture frames or ornaments 

It is also important to ensure that it is plugged into the best socket. You can try using multiple phone sockets. It will enable you to get the faster speed of your rural satellite broadband.  

Depend on wires 

When it comes to speed, wire is always a better option than wireless. A satellite connection or an Ethernet cable can transfer data quickly compared to other modes. Moreover, wired networks have less interference. So, you don’t need to think about the frequency of your neighbors.  

Keep the router in a distant place from other devices 

The router has a tendency of interfering. You can try to move everything bar the router off followed by another speed test to determine whether it makes any changes or not. Moreover, microwave ovens can also decrease Wi-Fi signals. So, it is better to avoid heating your meal when you are attending an important video call.  

Deploy a wireless booster 

If your home is a large one, you can try wireless boosters. These are very useful in places where the signal is not strong enough. Along with hiring satellite internet providers for rural areas, you can consider deploying these boosters.  

Prefer audio-only conference calls 

If you are facing a network issue during an official video call, you may the video off and rely on the audio to boost the internet speed. This trick can be applied when you do not need to be seen by others on your video call.  

Sometimes network speed gets slower for some minor reasons. But most people overlook these issues, and they loom large in the future. You can try the hacks discussed above to improve the speed of rural satellite broadband. Do try these tricks and witness the differences. 

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