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Category: Rural Connectivity

Living outside of highly populated areas has certain pros and cons, especially when it comes to connectivity. Rural connectivity often lags behind urban areas creating digital gap between those two communities when it comes to standard of communication and competitiveness, especially in business settings.

When we live in rural areas we often need connectivity to contact our families and friends, we want to video call our kids or grand kids, we want to be able to message them or voice call them on WhatsApp. Living rural can make it difficult.

Running a business in rural or remote areas is challenging. Customers nowadays look to contact businesses via chats, emails, interact with them on social media platforms. Living rural and running a business in rural area sometimes makes it difficult.

What Is The Best 4G Router

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Advantages of Satellite Internet in the UK

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How to get internet without phone line?

Rural internet connectivityInternet connectivity, especially in rural areas, is tricky. No fibre connectivity, no broadband deals to pick from, no amazing speeds to enjoy. Often what's le...

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