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Category: Rural Connectivity

Living outside of highly populated areas has certain pros and cons, especially when it comes to connectivity. Rural connectivity often lags behind urban areas creating digital gap between those two communities when it comes to standard of communication and competitiveness, especially in business settings.

When we live in rural areas we often need connectivity to contact our families and friends, we want to video call our kids or grand kids, we want to be able to message them or voice call them on WhatsApp. Living rural can make it difficult.

Running a business in rural or remote areas is challenging. Customers nowadays look to contact businesses via chats, emails, interact with them on social media platforms. Living rural and running a business in rural area sometimes makes it difficult.

Key Considerations Before Deciding on a Satellite Internet Providers

Not everyone is lucky enough to live in the area with plenty of ISPs that can deliver amazing service. Sometimes there are only two or three. Other times only satellite covers the area. Consi...

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Evolution of WiFi Technology

From the early days of the 21st century, IEEE 802.11 configuration for WLAN, better known as WiFi, has evolved exponentially. The standard has continuously evolved itself with new protocol...

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Satellite Broadband

The telecommunications industry has had to evolve hand in hand with the requirements of various economic sectors worldwide that require 24*7 connectivity to sustain normal operations. Interne...

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Know How to Close The Rural Broadband Gaps

It has been clear to us for some time that the gap in access to broadband for rural areas is real and is posing a legitimate threat to the development of rural communities. The pandemic has...

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