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How to Create a Guest WiFi Network

The contemporary world is completely under the spell of online services. The influence of the online world is so intense that instead of asking a host how he or she is doing, most people want to ask what their WiFi password is. In many cases, the hosts even do not realize that sharing such information could cause a security concern. For instance, the guests may accidentally download a malicious file or connect to an infected laptop and smart device. Some pieces of malware can spread over a local network. If your Wi-Fi gets connected to a malicious device, it will attempt at contaminating everything within its range. Now you might be thinking about what you should do when you are the host. 

If you want to be both hospitable and safe, you can set up a guest WiFi. It is perhaps the best way to secure the network supplied by trusted satellite internet providers. What is a guest WiFi network and how to set it up? Keep reading this blog to find the answers. 

What is a Guest WiFi Network? 

Most probably all the devices in your home are connected to one of the renowned satellite broadband services UK. A guest network establishes a new access point to the internet that runs independently. Whenever a new device connects to your internet through a guest network, it can be separated from devices that are already running on your main network. This network can provide you with: 

  • Protection against malware 
  • Password privacy 
  • Bandwidth optimization 

Steps to Follow when setting up 

Step 1 

You should open any browser and insert the IP address of your router in its search bar. Sometimes, you might be directed to a webpage that is not secure to visit. You should ensure that you have entered the right IP. If required, you can ask your satellite internet providers who provide you with the connection for the IP address.  

Step 2 

You need to log in to the router as an admin. For finding the password of your router, you should go to the settings page of your browser. If you forget your login credentials, restore them before further processing to the next step.  

Step 3 

In this step, you need to find the guest network settings. If you are unable to locate a dedicated guest Wi-Fi connection, you should go to the Wireless Settings section. 

Step 4 

Once you find the guest Wi-Fi network setting, you should enable its access. This step will depend on how your router works. Some routers use a switch that you can toggle on while some routers offer a box that you can check out.  

Step 5 

Now you should set a network name for your Wi-Fi guest network. This field is usually labeled as “SSID”. Some routers may fill in your network by default containing the word “guest” at its end. You are free to change this and name it as you wish. 

Step 6 

In this final step, you should set a Wi-Fi password. Some routers take the users to the security settings. If you are unaware of which router security option you should choose, you can search it on Google. A bunch of tricks and suggestions will appear before you. 

Step 7 

In this final step, you should save your new settings. Now you can share the Wi-Fi name and password with your guests. 

If you are getting steady satellite broadband services in the UK and want your guests to enjoy your connection safely, you must set up a Wi-Fi guest network. All you need to do is to follow the steps discussed above. 

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