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How to get internet without phone line?

how to get internet without phone line

Rural internet connectivity

Internet connectivity, especially in rural areas, is tricky. No fibre connectivity, no broadband deals to pick from, no amazing speeds to enjoy. Often what’s left is not enough to do anything but send emails and maybe a little bit of browsing. And social media, we can’t forget about social media! Sometimes where we live makes us wonder if it was worth. If that space, big garden, peace of mind, was worth not having broadband providers to pick from and being limited. Life is not fair even, or maybe especially, where we live outside of urban centers with access to fixed or wireless broadband options. High speed home broadband is something we are used to and expecting to have. But not if we live in rural areas. When you live in rural England (or Scotland or Wales) sometimes you want to know how to get internet without phone line.

When we live in rural areas often all we have is an old copper line with phone services and maybe dial-up option. Maybe. More than likely no unlimited data option. You should talk to your phone company and see if they can get you upgraded but in some areas it’s not possible and you need to seek broadband without a phone. When there is no capacity to upgrade your connection you need to look into alternative broadband options and alternative broadband providers.

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Rural Broadband Options

So, what’s left for us who prefer to live closer to nature? How to get internet without a phone line? There are options. Not as many as people in London or Manchester have, but still. Rural connectivity is not a myth. there are companies spacialising in getting rural residents connected. Not always with high speeds that Londoners can enjoy, but still enough to stream movies and have fun.

Mobile Broadband

The most obvious option is mobile internet. This one comes usually as 4G broadband (LTE) connection utilising 4G signal from the nearest mobile mast and delivering speeds of usually around 20-40Mbps. There are still locations where 4G internet is not available and the only option is older 3G connectivity but fortunately, the network is being upgraded quite quickly. While we are on upgrades, UK’s 5G network is growing fast and 5G broadband is becoming a thing despite skepticism. 5G internet offers speeds comparable, or even better, that many broadband providers offer. It’s not unusual to enjoy 200-300Mbps download speeds with very low latency great for gaming and VPNs. This is really rural internet on steroids with broadband speeds many rural users can only dream of! 5G technology is not new but commercial deployment was somewhat delayed. The beauty of 5G is that all you need is 5G router, sim card and some kind of broadband package from your broadband provider. But do not, worry if there is no 5G broadband with 5G speeds in your area. Look for 4G home broadband providers, they can usually support most of your needs.

Satellite Internet

Another type of broadband that is accessible in rural areas is satellite internet delivered via satellite dish. Traditionally this type of broadband was being seen as unsuitable due to high costs and low speeds but with new Konnect Satellite Internet users can actually enjoy proper high speed broadband anywhere they live. Konnect broadband currently comes with speeds of up to 100Mbps (download), enough to support your wi fi needs, streaming services and browsing through social media.

How to get internet without phone line?

So, to answer the initial question how to get internet without a phone line we need to look into alternatives. Unless you need a specific business broadband solution, wireless broadband providers (mobile and satellite connections) are the way to go. Look around, probably talk to your neighbours. They probably went through the same process and often “know a guy” or know a company specialising in rural broadband options. When there is no cabling infrastructure you have to be creative and companies that focus on rural customers usually can do more than standard broadband providers or any of the big four (EE, Vodafone, Three, O2).

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Why not big broadband providers?

When you are considering your options, you usually think right away about one of the big ones, BT, Vodafone, EE, or the likes. After all, if you search online, these are the first options there! So, it’s natural. And yet, they may not be the best for you. Why?

  • They offer their own solution. This really narrows options. When someone calls them, they won’t be considering other options (meaning other broadband providers) they just offer what they have. If they are asked: How can I get broadband without a landline, they naturally offer their own solution, irrespectively if there is anything better in your area. Then, if it doesn’t work the way it supposed to, the only option is customer service call, and, well, we all know how it goes!
  • To get better idea of what’s available and what options certain rural area offers one would need to make several calls to several providers and compare solutions. The problem is, no one will say they option is worse than the one competition offers. They just sell what they have.

How to get broadband without phone line near me?

First, as we said talk to your neigbours. They may know what works and what doesn’t. We suggest three steps:

  • Talk to your neighbours. They live there, they may know what you need.
  • Search online for rural broadband providers, they specialise in rural areas and often have deals with several providers. They are not tied to a particular provider and as they may also work on commission base they are interested in customers not only buying broadband but also keeping it. No keeping, no commission. What it means, they are interested in providing best solution as it increases the chance of getting paid. No point to provide solution customer cancels.
  • If you don’t want to do any of the above you have still two options. One, make the calls to different providers but read what we said about it first. Second, try satellite broadband. Satellite internet like Konnect Broadband works anywhere as long as there is clear visibility (no obstructions) of southern sky. The satellite dish has to “see” the satellite to get the signal.

We hope you enjoyed our article on how to get internet without phone line. Reach out and let us know what you think!

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