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How to make your Smart TV Smarter with a High-Speed Internet Connection?

Smart TV - old tv with a brain

The latest smart TVs in the market pack the power and capabilities to function as the central information hub in your house. Not only can the display be used to watch cable television, but you can also enhance its functionality with the help of a fast and reliable internet connection. Continue reading to find out how an unlimited rural internet connection can help make your smart TV smarter. 

Can an internet connection enhance the functionality of a smart TV? 

One of the first recommended steps after purchasing a smart TV nowadays is getting a reliable internet connection. Of course, a smart TV will work without a rural satellite broadband connection, but you will lose access to all the “smart” features of the TV, like connecting to the streaming apps, reading news, gaming, etc. 

A smart TV connects to the internet using the built-in internet functionality, which uses the 802.11ac standard for Wi-Fi connectivity. When you set up an internet connection and add your TV to the network, you can stream your favorite content on OTT platforms, download third-party apps from the App Store, update the firmware, and access the voice assistant (if your TV comes with one). 

Pairing the TV to other accessories after connecting to the internet 

After your TV is connected to the internet, you can pair it with other accessories to extract the full functionality of the gadget. Here are some of these accessories that will help make your smart TV smarter 

Keyboard and mouse 

Most smart TVs come with built-in Bluetooth functionality, which can be used to connect the TV with a keyboard and mouse. With these, you can use your TV as a display and use the browser to use the downloaded apps and browse the internet even on rural satellite broadband. You can type documents, make presentations, reply to emails, etc., on a larger screen with ease. 

Home theatre system 

Want to enjoy a full-blown theatre experience at home? When streaming your favorite content on your OTT subscription apps, like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Apple TV+, etc., fire up the home theatre system and enjoy crystal clear special audio and video effects on the movie nights with friends and family. 

Gaming consoles 

When you connect your smart TV with a fast and reliable internet connection, you can also turn your TV into an entertainment hub by investing in a gaming console. Not only can you compete in single-player leader boards, but you can also compete with other players on multiplayer games like Fortnite, PUBG, Battlegrounds, etc. Moreover, you get to enjoy crystal clear visuals on your smart TV. 

It is recommended to go with a local unlimited rural internet provider that offers multiple plans at different price points. You always do not have to go with the top-most plan; thoroughly evaluate your requirements and you should be able to find a plan that best matches your requirements. 

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