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5 Internet Activities that Affect Productivity during Working Hours

No one can refute the fact that the online world is an amazing place that makes you engrossed for hours. The presence of unlimited internet for rural areas has encouraged more people to delve into the depth of the internet. It is entertaining; at the same time, it can become a major source of distraction during your working hours. This blog has listed some internet habits that can waste your work time and tips on overcoming the distraction caused by the habits. 

Internet timetable 

Maintaining a timetable is a common human tendency. You may have made a schedule for gym visits or coffee breaks. Similarly, you need to create a separate timetable for surfing the internet. You should not waste important work time by surfing the internet. You need to defy the temptations of surfing the internet. You should understand one thing whatever is getting published online during your working hours can be seen later; they will not be fading away. Also, you can go through the latest publications during your scheduled break. You can concentrate on your work when you know that there is a scheduled break for checking out what’s happening online.  

Social media 

Social media helps people get connected with all that is happening in the surrounding world. Also, it can get very distractive when you are putting effort into getting vital work done. With affordable satellite internet, people are getting crazy over social media. If you want to get your work done on time, you need to log out of all your social media accounts during office hours. You must cut away all temptations. There is another way that can help you focus on your work. You can block social networking sites during office hours. Once your work is done, you can go back to your virtual world. It will help you complete your tasks easily and improve your performance.  

Apps to control internet surfing time 

If you are unable to overcome the temptation of social media platforms during your office hours, you can seek online help. Many applications are available online that may help you control your time spent online. You can pick such an app and use it regularly to track and control the time you are spending online discarding your vital assignments during office hours. Many people are using apps for maintaining healthy food habits and limit their food intake. Similarly, time monitoring apps can help you limit your internet surfing. 

Repeat test 

A repeat test is a tool that keeps a track of your regular activities and habits. You should make a table that can represent each hour and note down the activities you have done throughout the day. It should also contain what you felt after each activity. At the end of the day, you should go over the chart and check out which habits were good and which ones were destructive. Once you know what is affecting your productivity, you will be able to work on that immediately. You need to realize that having access to unlimited internet for rural areas does not mean that you can do anything with the access. You must know your limitations and maintain a balance between your responsibilities and your desires.  

Short breaks in working hours 

You should take short breaks and keep your eyes rest for a few minutes by turning them away from the computer or mobile screen. However, don’t indulge in social networks during these breaks. Then your brain and eyes will not get any rest.  

Having affordable satellite internet is a blessing. Don’t turn this blessing into a curse by wasting your working hours over unnecessary internet surfing. 

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