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Opportunities of Rural Satellite Broadband

As crucial industries like education, healthcare, and business activities is now more crucial than ever. Digitization of the society through internet empowers communities with advanced technologies and allows businesses to connect to a global audience. 

Internet access is shaping our realities and defining access to value-based commodities, essential services, income, etc. Urban communities were more prepared for the rapid shift that occurred in the last couple of years. However, rural communities have been left behind due to the lack of infrastructure and volume. As service providers are wondering about the opportunities that rural satellite broadband might bring to the underserved areas. 

Let’s take a deeper dive into how providing rural communities with satellite internet can help them bridge the digital divide. 

Unlock digital opportunities with the help of the best satellite broadband 

Telehealth– Consult with your doctor

Perhaps one of the most important sectors to get affected by the lack of internet opportunities is access to medicine. As patients increasingly want to stay home to lower the risk of infection, the reliance on telemedicine is growing increasingly day by day. Urban areas with access to the best satellite broadband connections can make the most out of it by taking virtual sessions. 

In remote areas, however, telehealth has been slow to catch on. With slow internet speeds, it is almost impossible to get reliable healthcare services. It force them to either travel far to hospitals and risk infection or not receive care at all. 

Education with rural satellite broadband

Education facilities were among the first institutions to close their doors and transition to online operations. Similar to the healthcare system, students in the remote areas were either late or did not transition to the alternate learning approaches adopted by institutions in the wake of social distancing norms. 

The “homework gap” as the phenomenon is called, refers to the disproportionate access to participate in distance education using online resources like internet. This disparity further leads to an “achievement gap”. That students in the rural communities will fall behind in their academic approach as compared to the students with access to virtual learning methods. 

Remote work 

The impact of lockdowns and social distancing on the labour market is undeniably immense. An increasing number of companies have shifted their operations to remote work or a hybrid model with rotational shifts. 

To be able to work remotely, employees need access to high-speed, secure internet that can handle online collaboration tools, large file transfers, video conferencing, etc. In urban areas with a comprehensive broadband network, remote work is comparatively easier. The rural workforce, however, is considerably left behind. Without access to the best satellite broadband, businesses will not be able to connect to their audience. This can lead to sustainability and economic implications. 

Closing the digital divide in this “new normal” is a top agenda for several governments and organizations globally. Empowering rural satellite broadband providers is crucial in this process as they can help provide new opportunities to the communities holding immense potential but left behind as the world becomes heavily dependent on the internet. 

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