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4G Rural Broadband in the UK

Using internet is easy. You connect your phone or laptop and… go! You can browse websites, watch You Tube videos and send emails. And for you there who are bit younger, yes, emails are not myths. They are still used. Just wait for your first job!

rural broadband 4G

Now, what if you live in rural area? Is using Internet still easy? Sometimes. Other times it’s just pain in the… neck. Yes, it’s good to be closer to nature but why that nature hates broadband connection? When you want to watch a movie you are forced to read books. When you want to video call… you have to just call. Dark ages indeed!

Actually, it’snot always so bad. More and more locations have proper fibre broadband now. Where you can’t get fibre you still have options like satellite broadband and 4G connections.

Rural broadband relies on 4G in the UK for a while now. We all have mobile phones, sometimes more than one. Technology behind connectivity there is 4G. There are mobile masts everywhere and usually you don’t have to worry about connectivity.

Until it comes to paying your bills. Yes, mobile data plans are often unlimited but read the small print before you go overboard with binge watching on Netflix! There is usually a limit, so be warned.

Data consumption is something what you need to consider when picking your data privider. What type of user you are? Do you need Internet connection to check your emails once a month? Are you streaming movies on You Tube or Netflix? The way you use Internet will influence your choices.

How much data am I using?

Let’s imagine you like watching Netflix. According to their guide you can use up to 7GB per hour. That’s a lot! If you are on a standard mobile plan from Vodafone, O2 or any other mobile data provider, you can find yourself facing additional charges or data throttling!

This is why you should consider 2 things.

  • First, think how to decrease usage. Do you really need 4K video quality?
  • Are there rural broadband providers offering rural broadband 4G options in the UK?

We cannot answer question number one for you. It’s your choice. You have to decide if you want to use 7GB per hour or maybe switch to 3GB per hour of streaming (high definition) or even 1GB per hour (standard definition). It’s your choice.

Rural Broadband 4G in the UK

We can help you with second question though. Yes, there are 4G rural broadband providers in the UK and they can offer plans that answer your needs. They specialise in providing 4G rural broadband solutions and they can offer what your standard mobile data plan cannot.

What you need to do is simply search for any provider specialising in rural connectivity. They might be more difficult to find than your BT or EE but they are there. You can look for other than 4G options too. 4G has its limitations, it relies on masts so you need to be in the coverage area, and there is obviously congestion issue. In peak hours the service may be slowing down significantly. This will happen irrespectively if you are on mobile plan with one of the big ones or a smaller rural broadband provider offering 4G in the UK. The difference is if you go with someone specialising in rural areas you’ll get something what is designed for you, often with an external antenna or a different router that is better suited to serve your needs.

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