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Tag: broadband for rural areas

Rural areas are notoriously behind when it comes to broadband connectivity. Most broadband providers focus on high density urban areas as this is where the money is. They focus on return on investment and relative simplicity of building infrastructure. This is why broadband for rural areas is often so bad.

Low density areas require substantial investment to build fibre optic infrastructure, 4G LTE masts or 5G network deployment. To serve areas with little or no demand makes no business sense for big commercial operators so rural residents are often left with sub-standard quality when it comes to connectivity.

Best broadband for rural areas is often not about technology but about the area itself. In densly populated areas residents can choose between this or that speed, particular price ranges and quality of customer support.

When it comes to rural dwellers, they are much more limited. The best broadband for rural areas is what works. Sometimes it is fibre broadband, other times it’s 4G broadband or satellite internet.

Best rural broadband providers have deals with all major ISPs and are able to investigate what works best in particular area. Then they can offer the best solution available. Again, it’s not necessarily what’s the best or the cheapest on the market. Sometimes it’s just what will work in that particular area for that particular customer according to specific needs. This is why understanding the needs of rural customer is so important. A farmer seeking connectivity to enable smart tracking will have different needs to someone who works from home and requires internet able t ohandle VPN

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