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Tag: Rural Satellite Broadband

Living in rural or in a very remote location require specific approach to connectivity. Very often areas like Scottish Highlands, some areas of Cornwall or Cumbria and many others, require a different approach to that of BT or any other big commerical broadband provider focusing on fibre optic infrastructure. Very often Rural Satellite Broadband is the only answer to the needs of such rural customers.

Rural Satellite Broadband is basically broadband connectivity delivered via geostationary satellite positioned above the equator. Rural customer needs a satellite dish installed at the side of the house and clear visibility of southern sky (for connectivity with satellite). Satellite dish is connected to a WiFi router inside the house and the signal is then dispersed throughout the house,

According to some surveys there may be as many as 1M satellite connections in the UK alone and satellite standards improved significantly over the past few years. Satellite broadband like that from Konnect Satellite Company (Eutelsat) usually offers unlimited data usage combined with high speeds.

There are still on the market older satellite plans that often more expensive either because of the package pricing or due to additional costs so it is important to review what’s available every now and then.

Things to be considered:

  • Price plan (satellite package)
  • Data available (unlimited vs. capped satellite service)
  • Extra costs (some plans come with limited data and additional costs for extra usage that can be very expensive)
  • Installation – as satellite installation is rarely free users often seek to get it either self-installed or outsourced to a local handyman. Incorrect installation may detriment the quality of satellite connection

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