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Do You Need to Upgrade Your Satellite Broadband Connection?

Over the last two years, lockdowns and social distancing measures have significantly changed the way we internet. Offices and schools have shifted to the living rooms of houses, contributing to the bandwidth congestion along with high-quality media consumption, online gaming, etc. While any satellite broadband should be fine for simpler tasks – checking emails, browsing the internet, etc., problems arise when you start demanding more from the network. When should you consider the upgrade to your satellite broadband?

If you find yourself wondering about upgrading your home broadband connection, here are some tell-tale signs that you need to make some changes, i.e., move to a higher plan or upgrade the connection entirely. 

Signs you need to upgrade your satellite broadband connection 

Dropped Wi-Fi connections 

Dropped wifi connection is the most common sign of stressed internet connection. Some older broadbands for rural areas that were programmed for use only with laptops and computers often fail to recognize or work with IoT devices like thermostats, bulbs, home security, etc. When such devices bottleneck your network, you will need to upgrade your internet connection to support more Wi-Fi connected devices. 

Slower internet speeds 

While slower internet speeds can be a result of improperly placed routers and overlooked downloads in the background, it is also a sign that you need to upgrade the Wi-Fi internet connection. Internet connection will be lagging and unbearably slow when you connect many devices though it is showing strong network coverage. Contact your ISP and discuss your internet usage to decide if you need to upgrade to a better plan. 

Dead zones 

Broadband for rural areas is also popular for poor reception in certain zones in the house, where the internet connection will suddenly drop to no coverage. If your home Wi-Fi connection does not offer seamless coverage in the entire house, the network needs an upgrade. You can either install repeaters that increase the Wi-Fi coverage or ask your ISP to upgrade the router to one with more antennas. 

Data limit exhausted frequently 

Satellite broadband connections often come with data caps, especially in rural areas where the number of providers is not too many. These data caps are usually enough for simple internet browsing and casual surfing, but you will find yourself out of data if you stress the network by sharing and receiving large files, video conferencing, high-quality streaming, etc. If your current ISP does not provide a better pack, start researching for better ISPs that provide a higher data cap or unlimited plans, depending on your requirement. 

Security issues 

If your home connection is not on a secure network, your confidential data is at risk. An easy way to find security flaws is unfiltered content. Ask your ISP about network security protocols and invest in a VPN service and a good quality antivirus if you frequently handle confidential data. 

Before contacting the ISP, a smart move will be to check the hardware for faults like loose wires, etc., as these can often slow down the network if unnoticed. If you come across faulty connections, get them repaired at once and notice if you see an upgrade in your internet speeds. 

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