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Advantages of Satellite Internet in the UK

satellite options for broadband in rural areas

The pandemic has highlighted the UK’s dependence on the Internet. We’ve relied on it for everything from schooling to work and warding off isolation. But according to Ofcom for a shocking 6% of UK’s households access to internet is still a dream.
The same report found that 4% of our kids had to rely on mobile phones to access schooling during pandemic. Options for broadband in rural areas are limited. The broadband infrastructure in the countryside can’t deliver decent upload and download speeds.
If you live in an affected area, waiting for infrastructure that may never come is simply not an option. For those in need Satellite Internet is the solution.
Let’s explore exactly what satellite internet is and how it can give people options for broadband in rural areas.

What Is Satellite Internet?

Back in the days before Netflix, having a satellite dish was a sign you were up to date with the latest technology. We’ve mostly moved on from relying on satellite dishes for premium TV. But they’re a key, wireless solution for people who live away from wired connections to the internet.
Satellite internet works in the same way satellite TV did. With no wires or cables, it allows you to both download and upload information via a satellite. All you need is a clear line of sight to the satellite in the southern sky.

Advantages of Satellite Internet

This technology means you can receive satellite internet in virtually every part of the country. It means reliable, high-speed internet without outages for customers who may never have had access to this before.
Another huge advantage is the cost of installation. There is no need to dig trenches to lay cables and service telephone exchanges. All you need is to have a satellite dish installed on your home.

Most satellite internet broadband packages are now unlimited. The bandwidth will have to be shared at times among other users, known as priority data. But most of the time you should have access to high-speed, uncapped internet services.

Satellite internet is perfect for rural areas where fibre infrastructure is delayed or will never come. It allows customers to get access to high speed connectivity without the need for developments.

Disadvantages of Satellite Internet

It’s good to remember that satellite signals have to travel a long way – 70,000 km in fact. That can mean a higher latency than you’d get with other forms of broadband, such as fibre.
Most services, such as streaming films, online shopping and video calls are unaffected. However, there are some applications that are not optimized for satellite internet and may lag a little.
Internet providers charge more each month for satellite internet than wired broadband packages. However, they’re great value when you consider it’s a choice between fast internet or no internet! 

How to Get High Speed Broadband Internet Via Satellite

To connect to satellite internet, you will need a satellite dish and a router. You have to pay for installation. When the technician comes, they will check whether the dish can ‘see’ the satellite. 
They’ll find the right spot to give it the clearest line of sight at all times. A standard installation means installing it on your roof or the side of your home. Non-standard means they have to find an alternative option.
If they can’t find a suitable location, you won’t be charged for the installation. 
Once you have had your satellite dish installed you’ll usually start a no-commitment period. This allows you to test the satellite internet for a fixed amount of time without being tied into a long-term commitment. That’s really all you need to avail of high speed internet via satellite!

The Advantages of Satellite Internet for Rural Areas

The digital divide is an issue the Government is attempting to address. Further financing for broadband in rural areas is being provided through ‘Project Gigabit’. However, access to broadband in rural areas remains patchy.
The Government’s initial goal was for gigabit broadband access to reach 99% of homes by 2025. It has now put this back to 2030.
The Public Accounts Committee also struck a dismal note in January 2022. They are ‘not convinced’ that the Government is on track to meet this deferred target.
Clearly, households and businesses in rural areas need a solution now. The indications are that they can’t rely on UK internet providers to deliver on the Government’s targets any time soon. Satellite internet is, in many cases, the only viable option for high-quality internet for the foreseeable future.
Broadband access in rural areas benefits communities on many levels. Businesses are able to communicate easily with their partners, wherever they are in the world. This promotes economic growth and jobs in local rural economies.
Additionally, young people are able to access education. There are more and more remote working opportunities that are not possible without access to broadband internet.
Older generations are becoming increasingly familiar with technology. Satellite broadband also allows them to access medical and retail services wherever they are in the country.
The rural population has increased over the last decade. Now 17% of the UK’s population – 9.7 million people – live in rural areas. Satellite internet is a great way to keep these people connected wherever they are based.

The Many Benefits of Satellite Internet for Businesses in the UK

If your business is being crippled by slow or unreliable internet access, satellite internet could be a game-changer. 
If you’ve been put off by the cost and commitment in the past, it’s probably time to look again. There are now more internet service providers operating in this space. That means more affordable and shorter-term contracts.
Satellite internet can also be used as a backup. If your current ISP is prone to outages, satellite internet can be a viable option for your business broadband withs speeds often exceeding standard ADSL connections.

Your Options for Broadband in Rural Areas 

Why wait for years for fibre infrastructure to reach your area? Satellite internet gives you options for broadband in rural areas right now. 
Anywhere Broadband is a one-stop solution for finding the right broadband option for your needs.
Save yourself the hassle of going to each supplier individually. We look at your needs, where you live, and the UK internet service providers in your area. Whether you need fibre broadband, satellite internet or 4G, we’ll find the right solution for you.
Compare satellite internet packages or call us on +44 333 015 1343 for more information today.

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