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What is Business Broadband?

Businesses around the world and in the UK come in different sizes, flavours and needs. Businesses have different needs and requirements and they look for solutions matching these needs. Some businesses may need a very simple broadband deal others are on the market for complex solutions supporting their operations from the standpoint of cybersecurity, cloud computing, amount of users, infrastructure, hardware and software. Business broadband needs differ and we are here to match them with market offers.

Businesses, especially now, are also looking for cost-effective solutions offering value as well as good price. Here, at Anywhere Broadband, we understand it. We work with most internet service providers and we strive to provide the best service to our clients and customers. Over the years we built relationahips with a network of internet providers and we can offer solutions to any business need. Wheter your business is in London, Cardiff, Glasgow or in rural area of Cumbria, we can work with you in delivering solutions matching your business needs.

There are many business broadband suppliers in the UK and many business deals but often the default mode is to offer something what the business not necessarily need. The fact something is available doesn’t mean you need it. We work with businesses in making sure we understand the needs first. A small business run from a room in the attic may require reliable broadband but not necessarily an enterprise level service. Similarly, a big business with hundreds of employees may need a custom solution with infrastructure and 24/7 customer support. The first step is to understand what your business needs.

Solutions for Business


In order to deliver the best broadband solution for your business we partnered with the major UK connectivity providers offering a range of solutions suitable for any business and any business connectivity needs. With every new client we audit the market to match the requirements with the best what market can offer.


Your business needs to communicate and we are ready to help you with it! Partnering with market leaders in connectivity we offer fixed line voice packages not relying on broadband speeds, mobile deals with Vodafone, EE and O2, cost-effective and scalable VoIP solutions and Microsoft Teams voice calling.


All business broadband deals we offer come with dedicated support provided by partners specialising in supporting business needs. They will handle more than initial sale! They will be there to make sure your calls are answered and services remain reliable.

Business Broadband Solutions

When your business requires business broadband solutions, or even just a phone line, there are several factors that influnece the decision:

  • Price
  • Performance
  • Customer Support

How much business class broadband costs?

Businesses in the UK usually can choose from a range of business broadband and phone offers and the price will be heavily influnced by what’s required. While some businesses can avail of simple broadband options others require additional infrastructure, hardware and software. It is always a good idea to talk to business advisor before making decision that will affect your business for the years to come.

Examples of Business Broadband Deals

Difference between Residential and Business Broadband

The main difference between home broadband and business internet is performance expectations. While home broadband user may accept certain level of unreliability as something maybe not normal but expected, for businesses it’s often to be or not to be where lack of connectivity costs much more than the loss of time.

Connectivity in business context has a real word consequences in company performance. While the focus of home broadband user is speed, businesses focus more on reliability and other performance factors. Speed is not always the best measure of performance. When applications requiring consistency are considered speed is a factor but not the main one. Imagine your employees accessing Zoom calls, while speed of service is of importance the connection has to be stable and reliable for video call to perform well. Unstable connection offering amazing speeds at one time to go down to zero a moment later will cause call disruptions affecting the outcomes of such a call. While domestic broadband user may not be concerned with these issues, after all buffering will take care of unstable connection when streaming, business needs are often about real time connectivity that requires a reliable and stable internet connection.

Internet for a Small Business

Small businesses often do not need any specific type of performance. When we think about a small shop, a designer working from her workshop in the attic or a plumber always in his van, we don’t expect any special broadband performance needs. These type of broadband connections are often shared between business and residential use and usually focus on the same factors as domestic broadband users: speed and price. While many Internet Service Providers will try to sell small business owners their business plans the reality is these clients should consider what’s best for them, business broadband or home broadband. In many cases home broadband will work well enough and a premium paid for having business connection is not worth the costs incurred.

Here, at Anywhere Broadband, we have a range of products suitable for small businesses:

Business Broadband UK providers can offer packages suitable for any business, small or large.

Working From Home

Working From Home has become the new normal recently. During the pandemic many employees started working from home and the return to normal didn’t change it much. Working From Home cannot be achieved without a good fibre internet and both employers and employees recognise it now. Some employment contracts have already included broadband clause, without good and reliable connection you cannot work from home. Good internet is not only about good wi fi, it’s about speeds and reliability.

VoIP systems and Unlimited UK calls

VoIP stands for voice over Internet Protocol and it is a transmission of voice and multimedia content over an internet connection. VoIP allows users to forget traditional phone lines and enjoy calling by utilising internet, including WiFi connectivity. VoIP users can make voice calls from a computer, smartphone or any other mobile device like tablet. Alternatively, we can offer a range of special VoIP phones and WebRTC-enabled browsers.

Moving to VoIP is cost-effective as your business uses only a single network to carry both, voice and data, saving on equipment cost, support and even storage space. You will also be able to take advantage of inexpensive international and long distance calls.

VoIP systems give you all call system features that you would expect from traditional phone systems. Some of the standard VoIP features:

  • call hold
  • call transfer
  • call hunt
  • conference calling
  • auto attendant phone menu
  • voicemail

What’s more, VoIP is flexible and scalable. You can easily add a line or a number when you need it giving you the right number of phone lines or stations when your business needs them!